Pop Quiz: Peaches

Aidin Vaziri | Never mess with a woman who wears a fake beard. Especially if she wears that fake beard on the cover of her latest album, “Fatherf — .” Peaches is a 36-year-old former music teacher from Canada turned gender-bending Berlin electro-punk star. Aside from sexually charged numbers like “Shake Yer Dix” and “Stuff Me Up,” her new record also includes a great duet with Iggy Pop called “Kick It.” We caught her on the cell as she was barreling across the country toward San Francisco — thankfully, from a safe distance.


Q: What’s your stage show like this time out?

A: Insane. I’ve got two dancers coming. (pause) Hello?

Q: Oh, I thought there was going to be more.

A: What do you need?

Q: You’ve got two dancers and what else?

A: And me. What else? What do you need? You’ve got me. I’m a f — virtual KISS concert on my own. I don’t think you need much more.

Q: But is there more if someone wants it?


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