Pop Quiz: KT Tunstall

Aidin Vaziri | There’s a good reason KT Tunstall has been inescapable since releasing her 4 million-selling debut album, 2004’s “Eye to the Telescope.” Not only is the Grammy-nominated Scottish singer-songwriter capable of knocking out brilliant pop tunes such as “Suddenly I See” and “Black Horse & the Cherry Tree,” she’s also like the Sheryl Crow you actually want to party with. Her latest release, “Drastic Fantastic,” includes the hit, “Hold On.”

KT Tunstall
Q: Have you ever considered cutting out the middleman and writing your own romantic comedy?
A: What, so I can just do the soundtrack? I haven’t, but that’s a really good idea. I much prefer the music gets used on a TV program (rather) than selling tampons or something.
Q: Actually, I think I heard “Hold On” in a tampon commercial today.
A: Oh, come on. That was Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love.”
Q: You wrote “Suddenly I See” about Patti Smith. Did she like it?
A: I don’t know. I haven’t had any connection with her. In some ways, I’m absolutely terrified to do so. It would be pretty heart-wrenching for her to say, “Nice to meet you, KT. That song is really lame. Can you stop saying it’s about me?” Continue reading.


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