Glen Hansard: Love, Actually

It’s a ‘Swell Season’ for Hansard, Irglova: Glen Hansard clearly remembers the moment John Travolta tore open the envelope at this year’s Academy Awards and called out his name. The only problem is he doesn’t remember anything after that.

“Everything goes blank for two hours,” Hansard says. “The whole thing is a blur.” Taking the stage to accept the best original song trophy with his “Once” co-star Marketa Irglova for “Falling Slowly,” the 37-year-old Irish musician doesn’t recall telling the audience how the independent film was shot in 17 days on two Handycams on a budget of a hundred grand. He doesn’t remember Irglova getting cut off by the producers for a commercial break before she could speak, only to be brought back out by host Jon Stewart to make the evening’s most impassioned speech. He doesn’t even remember handing over the Oscar statue to his mother, who took it home and won’t give it back.

All Hansard, who also starred in “The Commitments,” knows is that after 18 years of playing music with the rock band the Frames, he’s now headlining bigger rooms, selling more records and getting recognized in more random places. “Government officials suddenly know who I am,” he says. Continue reading.


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