Pop Quiz: Goldfrapp

Aidin Vaziri | People who know Alison Goldfrapp as the gold lame-adorned electro kink-pop siren have been thrown for a loop with her fourth album, “Seventh Tree,” a trawl through lush English folk lullabies and soothing psychedelia. What brought on the change in the risk-taking woman (and her lesser-known musical partner Will Gregory) often credited with leading the way for Madonna’s most recent spate of stylistic reinventions? We got her on the horn to find out.

Alison Goldfrapp
Q: Do you ever regret saying bad things about Madonna, even though she loves you so much she’s started dressing like you?
A: I’ve never said anything bad about Madonna. I think people have decided I must have said something bad.
Q: You said, “She has made a career out of using other people.” And then you said, “I can’t get passionate about the music she puts out there.”
A: I said I don’t particularly like her music, which I don’t. That’s just a taste thing. I’m not being horrible about her. I also think she’s a fantastic self-PR woman. That’s not a criticism; it’s just an observation. She’s good at sussing out who’s the latest cool thing and taking people with talent to help her with her talent. I think she’s an amazing woman. I love her fearlessness of being able to do whatever she wants to try doing. But I’m not a fan of her music just because she says she likes what we do.
Q: Doesn’t it bother you that she steals all your ideas?
A: It doesn’t really bother me. Everybody borrows from everybody. Whatever. Life’s too short to worry about that sort of thing. Continue reading.


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