Pop Quiz: Robyn

Aidin Vaziri | Retreating to her native Sweden after scoring a huge international hit with 1997’s “Show Me Love,” former teen sensation Robyn has spent the past decade doing everything in her power to avoid being like Britney Spears. She turned down a tour with the Backstreet Boys, ditched the majors to start her own label and found new inspiration in childhood heroes like the Notorious B.I.G. and Snoop Dogg. Now 29, the freshly shorn singer returns with a thumping self-titled album – her fourth – packed with Space Age love songs like “Robotboy” and “Konichiwa Bitches.”

Q: What do you tell your barber?
A: I tell him I want to look like a boy.
Q: What kind of a boy?
A: You know, like the old-school Spanish, like, in the ’40s with really simple men’s cuts?
Q: Do I need to borrow a time machine to see what you’re talking about?
A: Yeah, maybe. I’ve had the same hairdresser since ’96.
Q: He must work really hard. In some ways he should be making more money than you.
A: I know. In some ways he should.
Q: Do you have to bring in an isosceles triangle every time you get it cut?
A: No. He was trained by hardcore old Spanish ladies. He’s a super well-trained hairdresser. Continue reading.


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