Brandi Shearer: Road Worrier

She’s a road worrier: We caught up with Brandi Shearer as she was packing her bags in anticipation of the Amoeba Music Spring Tour, which will take the San Francisco singer-songwriter across the country with Kate Walsh and Quincy Coleman. “I’m racked with nerves,” Shearer said at her Potrero Hill home. “Three days before going out, I’m wondering if I should’ve been a veterinarian.” She needn’t worry. A torch singer with a blues-inflected voice that has drawn comparisons to everyone from Norah Jones to Janis Joplin, she’s made an album, “Close to Dark,” that has won all kinds of rave reviews. Shearer’s already thinking about the next one, which she plans to record with producer Craig Street (Lizz Wright, John Legend). “I want it to be a lot more visceral – a lot more blood and guts,” she said. Fans will get a taste of the new material live when the tour reaches Cafe Du Nord Thursday. “I love playing live,” she said. “There’s no substitute for it. It’s my reward for all the planning and packing and booking cars. The payoff is that 45 minutes I get to be onstage, provided I don’t have some kind of wardrobe malfunction or something.” Continue reading.


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