Pop Quiz: Gavin Rossdale

Aidin Vaziri | Ex-Bush front man Gavin Rossdale has spent the past few years living behind the platinum glow of his wife, Gwen Stefani. Now the 42-year-old British musician is hoping to change his fortunes with his first solo release, “Wanderlust.” That is, if he can survive the critics and paparazzi and come to terms with the fact that he’s the second most successful pop star in the family. We spoke to Rossdale by phone from his home in Los Angeles, just a few days after the celebrity-studded second birthday bash for his son, Kingston.

Gavin Rossdale
Q: How much has your wife influenced your songwriting?
A: She clearly has a whole world of admirers, and I’m impressed by that, but the way I write has more of the echoes of other writers that I like.
Q: Tell me a good story about Bush’s touring days.
A: It just was this nonstop cyclone, where you’re just bouncing around in the bubble you move in. It’s just so fun and self-indulgent and exhilarating. We were playing five, six nights a week and traipsing through the snow in Canada and then playing in South Beach, where it’s 90 degrees and the water is like a bath. And then to play New York at CBGB’s, you know, all these incredible landmarks. There were people everywhere: people running after the bus, people waiting outside after the shows, people waiting at the hotels. All-night noise. It was like 10 years of that.
Q: What’s the one record you and Kingston can agree on?
A: “The Jungle Book” – “The Bare Necessities.” I think it’s a genius song. He also really likes my single. Continue reading.


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