Pop Quiz: The Ting Tings

Aidin Vaziri | You may not realize it, but the Ting Tings have already invaded your living room. Thanks to the recent Apple ad featuring the group’s frenzied hit “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” the British boy-girl duo has gone from playing empty rooms to being one of the year’s biggest pop prospects. Singer Katie White and drummer Jules De Martino’s first album, “We Started Nothing,” is loaded with even more glossy dance-floor fillers, such as “Great DJ” and “That’s Not My Name.” But it’s the live show where the pair really jumps to life.

Katie White of The Ting Tings
Q: How do just the two of you make so much noise?
A: We shout a lot.
Q: That’s the big secret?
A:We use loop pedals when we play live, as well. Jules will have little electronic noises he can trigger with his feet, so we just keep laying it and building it and taking stuff in and out. Some people don’t understand it at first. They think we’re using a backing tape. But it’s completely live, and we’re just triggering stuff.
Q: Do you even have enough limbs to actually pull that off?
A:It always goes wrong every show. But even when something goes wrong with the loop, it’s just back to guitar and drum, and that’s fine. The audience wouldn’t know any different.
Q: You know what? You need some more power ballads.
A:Yeah, some more power ballads to just sit there and do nothing. We get bored with stuff like that. We’re really getting off on the live energy. I don’t know. We could sit there quite nicely and sing beautiful songs. We can actually sing, but it’s boring. We like screaming and banging things.Continue reading.


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