Live Review: Flight of the Conchords at Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium, 05/27/08

Music review: Flight of the Conchords – live!:: Aidin Vaziri | Seated on stools for its entire two-hour set, the group dabbled lightly in hip-hop, dancehall reggae and bossa nova. They delivered their twist on the Serge Gainsbourg catalog with “Foux de Fa Fa,” in which the guys basically rattled off a bunch of common but totally unconnected French phrases: “Soup du jour! Jacques Cousteau! Discotheque!” Best of all, it effortlessly knocked back the steady stream of requests coming from the audience. “We didn’t open the floor,” Clement warned at one point. And when a particular request caught the Conchords’ whimsy, they offered only a sample. “We’re not doing it,” the bespectacled singer said. “It just shows we know it.” Continue reading.


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