On YouTube: The Ting Tings and the Green Screen

YouTube picks: Aidin Vaziri | There’s something for every taste on YouTube, but with so many choices, how to choose? Chronicle critics and writers are here to help, pointing you in the direction of some fascinating video in our second annual YouTube favorites roundup.

THE TING TINGS “GREAT DJ,” 3:24: Music videos were great until everyone started blowing up helicopters, hiring armies of strippers and spending 17 hours to choreograph every hip thrust. This clip by British pop upstarts the Ting Tings takes the format back to basics – two people awkwardly standing in front of a green screen that just changes color once in a while. It looks like it was shot in a booth at Fisherman’s Wharf and choreographed by C-3PO – after he was dismantled. It also helps that the song – a taut burst of shouty new-wave vocals and primitive rhythms – is better than anything else on TV, times a thousand. Continue reading.

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