How To Survive Life As A Jonas Brother

OH, BROTHERS!: Aidin Vaziri | Shrieking girls, swarming paparazzi and purity rings! Being a member of the Jonas Brothers, the Disney Channel’s latest singing tween megastars, just might be the hardest job in the world. But Kevin, 20, Joe, 18, and Nick, 15, – currently on a sold-out, 46-date North American tour to promote their new movie, “Camp Rock,” and its accompanying soundtrack – have learned to survive in just five easy steps.

PROTECT YOUR EARS: Everywhere the Jonas Brothers go, so do the screams. Comparisons to full-scale Beatlemania are not as far-fetched as they sound, especially to the New Jersey siblings, who have to endure the constant screech of prepubescent girls. “We have earplugs that we wear when we’re onstage,” Kevin says. “But when we’re off, we just kind of cope with it. It’s better than not having it there.” He should know. Just a little more than a year ago, the trio was dropped by Sony after its premiere album, “It’s About Time,” failed to woo the tweens despite a punishing tour schedule. “We would play for two people in rock ‘n’ roll clubs all across the country,” Kevin says. “So we’re really thankful for our fans now.” Continue reading.


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