Pop Quiz: Feist

Aidin Vaziri | Leslie Feist has been on tour for a very, very long time. But thanks to a steady stream of love from Apple, Starbucks, Verizon, Stephen Colbert and, well, fans of romantically minded indie pop served with a perfectly cut fringe, her most recent album, “The Reminder,” continues to pull people out of their homes and into enormous venues more than a year after it was released. The 32-year-old Calgary native plays Saturday at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre. We caught up with her on the phone from Montreal just before her final round of touring.

Q: Have you been paying rent on various apartments this whole time?
A: Well, I still have a place in Paris and I actually ended up getting a place in the woods in Canada. So, I have a home.
Q: You might have a home, but what you really need is a good accountant who tells you to wait until you get off the road before buying a place on a Canadian nature reserve, especially in this terrible market.
A: I guess so. Are you available?
Q: These are the things that keep me up at night: “Is Feist maximizing her assets?”
A: Maybe you can write some songs for me, too. Continue reading.


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