Review: Alison Moyet and Yazoo

Alison Moyet ‘The Turn’ and Yazoo ‘In Your Room’: Aidin Vaziri | Alison Moyet is on the road with Yazoo, the electro-pop duo she fronted more than 25 years ago. But her seventh solo album, originally released last year in Britain, confirms that, despite the lack of recent chart action, her talents aren’t entirely confined to the 1980s. Her booming voice remains a thing of wonder, no doubt enhanced by a run in the West End production of “Chicago.” Predictably, Moyet’s new material has a strong theatrical bent, slipping from smoldering torch songs (“One More Time”) to weepy cabaret ballads (“The Man in the Wings”) and old-school chansons (“Home”). In fact, it’s only a dismal, by-the-numbers attempt at modern disco on the album-closing “A Guy Like You” that genuinely makes one long for the plink-plonk simplicity of her old band’s classic “Nobody’s Diary.” Conveniently, Mute has reissued all of Yazoo’s notable recorded output in the boxed set “In Your Room,” also out last week. Containing four discs that include the remastered copies of both of the band’s albums – 1982’s “Upstairs at Eric’s” and 1983’s “You and Me Both” – and an additional set of rarities and remixes, plus a DVD containing old videos and new interviews, it has twice as much stuff as anybody actually needs. But the group’s two proper releases hold up remarkably well, especially considering that they were built entirely around Moyet’s still-developing vocals and Vince Clarke’s primitive synthesizer compositions. In fact, you could argue that nothing Clarke did in the intervening years with Erasure quite measures up to the sublime genius of “Don’t Go.”


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