Live Review: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss at the Greek Theatre, 06/27/08

Unlikely Krauss, Plant duo transcends roots: Aidin Vaziri | Rock’s golden god was never meant to play second fiddle to, well, a bunch of fiddlers. He rarely let his voice slip past second gear. Meanwhile, he still employed all his old moves, only now they’re delivered in agonizing slow motion. And there were even a few dazed and confused moments. “It’s great to be back here tonight,” he said at one point. “Actually, I’ve never been here before.” Worse still, he didn’t spend nearly enough time onstage. He wasted a good chunk of the concert dodging around the wings, sipping tea and doing who knows what backstage. All that didn’t matter, though, when he let it rip on “Fortune Teller.” In that moment, you could actually see what keeps Jimmy Page’s hopes alive for a Zeppelin reconciliation. Continue reading.

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