Review: U2, ‘Deluxe Editions: Boy, October, War’

U2, ‘Deluxe Edition Box Set’: Aidin Vaziri | Because of the mullets, pointy boots and shaky association with acts such as Simple Minds and the Alarm, most people never bothered to upgrade their cassette copies of U2’s first three albums. Big mistake. Going back 28 years to the future stadium rockers’ premiere, “Boy,” you find all the vital parts for world domination were already in place: The Edge’s glorious guitar strokes, Bono’s expansive poetry and melodies to make your head brush up against the stars. (Bono, left and the Edge are pictured at the Sundance Film Festival.) In fact, it’s hard to think of anything the band has done since that matches the knee-wobbling majesty of “An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart.” Still, U2 made great strides forward with the understated, underrated spiritual masterpiece “October” and its galvanizing follow-up, “War,” which includes the song that ultimately set the band on its way, “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” These reissues come with bonus discs crammed with live cuts, remixes and rarities.


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