Pop Quiz: Belinda Carlisle

Aidin Vaziri | The last time we saw Belinda Carlisle, the former Go-Go’s singer was posing for Playboy. Now the 49-year-old solo star is making her return to the live stage as part of this summer’s Regeneration Tour, which features several acts that were big in the ’80s playing the hits that made them famous. In Carlisle’s case, that means five Top-20 pop tunes, including “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” and “Mad About You.” The Human League, ABC and A Flock of Seagulls also appear on the bill. We talked to Carlisle by phone from her home in the South of France.

Belinda Carlisle
Q: Did you think you would be doing this when you were 50?
A: No. I couldn’t even imagine being 50 anyway, regardless of what I would be doing or not. It’s old, isn’t it?
Q: In the ’80s you used to have drugs sent by FedEx to all your tour stops. Who knew you were so rock ‘n’ roll?
A: Oh, yeah. I could have done anything back then. I took advantage of being young and wealthy and having no responsibilities. I like to think I left no stone unturned.
Q: Are you worried this tour is going to bring back any bad habits? I heard the guys in A Flock of Seagulls are maniacs.
A: No, not at all. I think everybody on this tour has been through it. Most people are at a point in their lives where they have let their egos go, and they’re doing it to have a good time. I like to do the best possible show. That requires a lot of rest and sleep. I should look like a million years old.
Q: Do you ever wake up and think, “How am I still alive?”
A: There’s an element of luck and fate. I realize how lucky I am. That I can still work, that I can have artistic license. I still have a life and I still have a family. Continue reading.


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