Review: Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst, ‘Conor Oberst’: Aidin Vaziri | Recorded in the Mexican city of Tepoztlan, a place where UFOs and mystics purportedly converge, Conor Oberst’s first solo album in 13 years is all about letting go of the emotional and political baggage that plagued his past few outings under the Bright Eyes name and setting out on a Jack Kerouac-style journey of self-discovery. “There’s nothing the road cannot heal,” he sings on “Moab.” He continues the thread in his own distinctive way, doing a first-class Bob Dylan impersonation on unexpectedly meaty songs such as “Sausalito” (“Living’s easy on a houseboat/ Let the ocean rock us back and forth to sleep”) and “Milk Thistle” (“If I go to heaven, I’ll be bored as hell/ Like a little baby at the bottom of a well”).


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