Live Review: Tokio Hotel at The Fillmore

Tokio Hotel makes fans uber wild: Aidin Vaziri | They lined up for hours, some even days. Mostly girls. Mostly under the age of consent. Mostly trailed by parents who probably deserve some sort of Olympic medal in dealing with hyperventilating prepubescents. Germany’s Tokio Hotel seems to inspire this kind of frenzy everywhere it appears. The Fillmore on Tuesday was no exception. It was a miracle the whole club didn’t tip over for the number of squirming bodies trying to cram as close to the stage as humanly possible. The best way to describe the glam-metal-emo-pop-tween group is like the Jonas Brothers for girls who prefer chipped black nail polish and fishnet stockings to unicorn puffy stickers and purity rings. Because the Magedburg-bred quartet has already dominated Europe in every way possible – selling more than 6 million CDs and DVDs since forming in 2001, playing for 500,000 people beneath the Eiffel Tower, filling their parents’ homes with various statuettes – Tokio Hotel has had no recourse but to turn its attention to America. Continue reading.


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