Great rock ‘n’ roll myths… busted

Great rock ‘n’ roll myths… busted: Aidin Vaziri | Our recent review of Robert Plant’s concert with Alison Krauss sparked outrage for all the wrong reasons. People weren’t infuriated that the once-mighty Led Zeppelin front man had gone all Garrison Keillor (taking several of his old band’s classic tunes with him) but by the fact that we knowingly played up to classic rock mythology and insinuated that he once used a shark as a sex toy. Why wouldn’t we?

Anyone who has had the pleasure of picking at the remnants of a backstage deli tray from a moth-eaten couch under the green glow of fluorescent lights can tell you that backstage rock ‘n’ roll fantasy is immensely more interesting than reality. But for the sticklers, we decided to dig through our archives (along with a well-thumbed copy of Gavin Edwards’ “Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton’s Little John? Rock’s Most Enduring Mysteries, Myths and Rumors Revealed”) to look at the truth behind five really great persevering rock legends.

ROBERT PLANT USED A SHARK AS A SEX TOY While the Led Zeppelin front man has cut himself out a nice reputation as a sex god, this particular story stems from a 1969 incident documented in the book “Hammer of the Gods” involving the group’s road manager, Richard Cole; some eager-to-please groupies; assorted members of Vanilla Fudge; Seattle’s Edgewater Inn; and either a red snapper or a mud shark. True to form, those who were actually there don’t remember the fine details. But by all accounts, Plant steered clear of the event. In fact, when we talked to him in 2002, he downplayed his number of purported bedroom conquests significantly. “I’m probably a couple of thousand behind Gene Simmons, or maybe a couple of thousand in front,” Plant said. “I can’t even remember the last time I had sex. Randy Newman is probably the guy who put it about more than anybody. He’s got that look about him – that crazed look.” Continue reading.


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