Review: Jonas Brothers ‘A Little Bit Longer’

Jonas Brothers ‘A Little Bit Longer’: Aidin Vaziri | Woooooo! Eeeeeek! Kevvvvvvin! If this were a proper review of the new Jonas Brothers album, of course, it would be filled with nothing but the eardrum-piercing screams that are always drowning out the band’s music. That’s probably not a bad thing. If anyone actually heard the first few Beatles albums without the filter of a thousand hormonal teenage girls, they probably never would have been given the chance to make “Revolver.” The Jonas Brothers – Nick, 16; Joe, who turns 19 on Friday; and Kevin, 20 – might not be around that long, but with the hit made-for-TV movie “Camp Rock” and a sold-out amphitheater tour making them the choice pinup act for kindergarteners, there’s no doubt that this summer belongs to them. As an introduction to rock ‘n’ roll, the purity ring-wearing trio’s third album isn’t all that bad. Drawing on unexpected influences such as Elvis Costello and Fountains of Wayne, it’s dominated by ’80s-leaning power pop songs such as “BB Good,” “Shelf” and “Video Girl.” Front man Joe has a pleasantly raspy voice, and the band somehow manages to steer clear of syrupy ballads you might normally associate with a Disney-sanctioned act of Christian rockers. Well, for the most part, anyway. The title track details brother Nick’s struggle with diabetes in slow motion, complete with tears and an unintentional nod to Joni Mitchell with the line, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” Although they attempt to wrestle with other teenage traumas, the brothers are at their best on the brilliantly mindless single “Burnin’ Up.” Now if only the kids would shut up long enough to listen.


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