Pop Quiz: Lyrics Born

Aidin Vaziri | Lyrics Born has no use for concealed weapons or four-letter words. For more than a decade, the Japanese American rapper (born Tom Shimura) has kept the Bay Area on the hip-hop map, at first through collaborations with DJ Shadow and Lateef, and lately as a solo star with songs on TV shows such as “Entourage” and “Gossip Girl.” His latest album, “Everywhere at Once,” has kept him on the road since it was released earlier this year. But that’s no big deal for an artist who averages something like 150 shows a year.

Lyrics Born
Q: What kind of tour manager books back-to-back dates in Amsterdam and Australia?
A: I don’t even want to think about it. There’s no other way. I’ve got a hit in Australia right now. They want me to come out and strike while the iron is hot.
Q: Oh yeah? Which one of your songs is blowing up down there?
A: “I Like It, I Love It.”
Q: Is that the one where you get to dress up like Mr. T in the video? Did you really get into the part and shave your head and walk around telling everyone that you pity the fool for a few weeks before the shoot?
A: No. I put one of those bald wigs on, but it was fun.
Q: Did you know there’s a Mr. T keychain that has buttons you push to make him says things like, “Quit your jibba jabba” and “First name, Mister; middle name, Period; last name, T”?
A: They have those? It would have made things a lot easier. Continue reading.


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