Pop Quiz: Estelle

Aidin Vaziri | Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles is the place to be. Don’t take our word for it (but if you do, we recommend the Stubby). Ask Estelle Swaray. That’s where the 28-year-old British soul sensation bumped into Kanye West and John Legend a few years ago. Together, they scored one of this summer’s biggest singles, “American Boy.” Estelle’s second album, “Shine,” also features collaborations with Mark Ronson, Cee-Lo Green and will.i.am – although we forgot to ask the names of the fine-dining establishments where she met them. Fortunately, she answered the questions we did ask.

Q: Did Kanye West insist on wearing your fur coat in the “American Boy” video?
A: I have no say on Kanye’s whole fashion or any of his decisions. He just liked it, so he wore it. He looked good.
Q: You famously met him and John Legend outside of Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles. How did that happen?
A: It was one of these situations where it couldn’t happen any other way. You don’t walk up to Kanye West or a big star in a situation like that and have them in the studio six years later. Again, I think it happened for a reason. It made a lot of people happy. If I hadn’t met him when I met him, this wouldn’t have happened. So everything happens for a reason.
Q: I’ve been hanging out around the KFC by my house a lot lately, but nothing like that ever happens to me.
A: Really? Continue reading.


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