Review: Chemical Brothers, ‘Brotherhood’

Chemical Brothers, ‘Brotherhood’: Aidin Vaziri | Most people expected the Chemical Brothers to take electronic music mainstream. But the British duo had other ideas, spiriting away rock stars such as Oasis’ Noel Gallagher and the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne straight to the dance floor. This retrospective set includes 13 classic singles – nine of which were on the “Singles 93-03” collection – plus a new track, “Keep My Composure.” Hedonistic career highlights such as “Block Rockin’ Beats,” “Setting Sun” and “Star Guitar” not only sound impossibly huge but also have stood up remarkably well. Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons were meant to signal the sound of the future circa 1997. A limited-edition double set ($24.98) includes the “Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10” bonus disc, which features a variety of source material that proves that the group never really relinquished its grip on the club scene.


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