Review: Ne-Yo, ‘Year of the Gentleman’

Ne-Yo, ‘Year of the Gentleman’: Aidin Vaziri | Not many people can make a headache sound sexy. But when, on his latest album, Ne-Yo sings over a seductive synthesizer beat, “Whoa-oh-oh, it’s making my head hurt/ I’ve got a migraine,” any normal person will be feeling effectively aroused well before the next verse kicks in. Honestly. The 28-year-old songwriter behind Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” and Rihanna’s “Unfaithful” knows what women want, and based on the evidence here, it involves lots of a glass-shattering falsetto; slow, percolating beats; and, with tracks such as “Lie to Me” and “Closer,” the kind of puppy-dog prose guys usually have to dish out after accidentally erasing all the “Oprah” episodes on TiVo. “Year of the Gentleman”? He should have called it “Gentleman of the Year.”


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