Review: Oasis, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’

Oasis, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’: Aidin Vaziri | With expectations amply lowered over the years, any decent Oasis release now seems like a good one. The difference with the group’s seventh studio album, “Dig Out Your Soul,” and all the disappointment that came between it and the first two, is that it really is kind of good. The Gallagher brothers don’t look up from their classic-rock rule book that often, but there’s a definite experimental streak that runs through the standard-issue Beatlemania, especially on blurry Noel-penned, Chemical Brothers-influenced tracks such as “The Shock of the Lightning” and “Falling Down.” The rest of the disc, featuring contributions from a still-sneering Liam and secondary members Andy Bell and Gem Archer, is predictably spotty, with fresh lyrical atrocities around every corner. But, hey, that’s nothing new.


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