Pop Quiz: Sarah McLachlan

Aidin Vaziri | After taking a few years off to focus on building a family, Sarah McLachlan returns this week with a greatest-hits CD. Featuring two new songs, “Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan,” also rounds up all the singles that helped the Canadian singer-songwriter sell more than 40 million albums worldwide, including “Adia” and “I Will Remember You.” Although McLachlan, 40, prefers spending time with her daughters, 6-year-old India Ann Sushil and 13-month-old Taja Summer, to touring these days, she will make a special appearance at Neil Young’s Bridge School benefit concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Q: If you type your name into YouTube, you’ll find that people use your songs for everything from funerals to puppy baths.
A: This is why I don’t go on YouTube.
Q: Did you ever go into the studio thinking, “I’m going to write a wedding song today”?
A: No. I don’t have any expectations when I’m writing. That something that I created can touch people’s lives that I don’t even know, that’s such an amazing gift.
Q: Did you ever wish you could sing like someone else?
A: I wished sometimes that I could sing a little harder, that I could just get a little more edge to my voice.
Q: Have you tried cigarettes and alcohol? Continue reading.


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