Pop Quiz: Duffy

Aidin Vaziri | At first people thought Aimee Duffy was a bit like Amy Winehouse, only without all the interesting tattoos and bloody clothes. But with her first album, “Rockferry,” the petite singer from a remote Welsh village (who goes by her last name) has become Britain’s best-selling artist of the year while handily conquering America with torchy, retro-soul singles such as “Mercy” and “Warwick Avenue.” She’s already been on the cover of Spin, a musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” and a regular on VH1’s weekly video countdown.

Q: You’re always wearing short dresses. Are there any good revealing pictures of you on the Internet?
A: Lucky for me, that hasn’t happened. I was in a photo shoot and I was lying in bed and the assistant photographer was prettying up the sheets around me and he pulled the sheets down and they got way more than I wanted. So there could be some emerging.
Q: That’s great news.
A: I don’t think my mom will be happy.
Q: Is your mom generally concerned about your dress length?
A: No, she’s terrible. She’s worse than me. She tells me to go more sexy. In the beginning, I was quite nervous and I was quite prudish. She would say, “You know, you’re dressing like a Sunday-school teacher. Go out and show those good legs of yours!” My skirts have gotten shorter with confidence. I hope they don’t go any shorter now because I feel I’m at a good point of confidence. She’s quite pleased that I’m acting my age. I sometimes can act a little older than I am. When my sister would go out and buy a leather jacket, I would go out and buy a woolen cardigan. Continue reading.


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