Review: Keane, ‘Perfect Symmetry’

Keane, ‘Perfect Symmetry’: Aidin Vaziri | As far as reinventions go, it’s not exactly up there with Radiohead’s “OK Computer.” But in other ways “Perfect Symmetry” does signal a great leap forward for British piano-rock trio Keane. With singer Tom Chaplin recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, the band best known for the minor-key hit “Somewhere Only We Know” sounds uncharacteristically energized on its third album. Opening track and first single “Spiralling” is all choppy verses and whooping choruses; “Better Than This” reveals a newfound love of Duran Duran-style hand claps and synth effects; and “Black Burning Heart” sounds like one of the band’s old-school ballads painted with large swaths of neon pink. The group hasn’t entirely walked out of the darkness – feel free to skip “You Don’t See Me” and “Love Is the End” if you’re feeling particularly suicidal – but at least it’s beginning to see the light.


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