Pop Quiz: Ray LaMontagne

Aidin Vaziri | Even though we caught up with Ray LaMontagne the day after his latest album, “Gossip in the Grain,” entered the charts at No. 3, he sounded like someone who had just had the wrong tooth pulled. Mumbling, pausing and generally shrugging off any attempts to celebrate his spectacular feat, the bearded 35-year-old New England folksinger pretty much lived up to his reputation as the world’s most reticent live act. But with new tracks such as the album’s Stax-horn infused opener, “You Are the Best Thing,” and the tribute to the White Stripes’ drummer, “Meg White,” maybe he’s starting to come around.

Ray LaMontagne
Q: Your album just went in at No. 3. Does it feel good to sit on top of Metallica?
A: I guess it’s surprising, yeah. I just write what I write. The fact that it’s connecting with people is just sort of, I don’t know, it seems to be working. Lord knows it hasn’t been promoted in any way.
Q: At shows, do you enjoy when women scream that they love you?
A: There’s always one or two. But that’s always been the same. There are always a few people in the audience who want to be the focus of the show. Everybody experiences that. Continue reading.


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