Pop Quiz: David Cook

Aidin Vaziri | Let’s be honest. The latest season of “American Idol” didn’t really get exciting until David Cook and his pointy hair shot ahead of the competition. The Oklahoma rocker, 26, handily defeated his warbling 17-year-old nemesis David Archuleta in the finals, marking a victory for stalwart grunge fans everywhere. Now the two get to face off again on the charts. Cook’s first album, “David Cook,” arrives Tuesday, a week after Archuleta’s self-titled CD was released. Cook’s record was produced by Rob Cavallo, who not only oversaw the past five Green Day discs but also Kid Rock’s “Rock N Roll Jesus” and My Chemical Romance’s “Black Parade.” This pretty much guarantees it will rock. Plus, Chris Cornell helped write the first single, “Light On.” We spoke to Cook, who grew up in Blue Springs, Mo., near Kansas City, by phone from Los Angeles.

David Cook
Q: Do you think there’s a “From David to David” movie in your future?
A: I implore somebody to tell me where that plot goes.
Q: I’m sure you’ve gotten plenty of worse offers.
A: Well, yeah. You get this shot once, so I’ll do anything and everything that I feel is going to be artistic and has some substance. So far my concentration has been on the record, so I’ve read scripts with the general idea that now is not the time for me to be going on location shooting a movie. I really want this record to do well, and I’m willing to do everything within my power to make sure that happens.
Q: Something like 97.5 million people voted on the last season of “Idol.” Surely, some of them might buy your record.
A: If I could get one of those silver discs for my wall, I’ll be a happy panda, for sure. Continue reading.


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