Review: Christina Aguilera, ‘Keeps Gettin’ Better’

Christina Aguilera, ‘Keeps Gettin’ Better’: Aidin Vaziri | So the only way you can get the Christina Aguilera greatest-hits album is by going to Target, which is fine because everyone can use an excuse to stock up on Pringles, tighty-whities and overstyled kitchen tongs that fall apart after one week. The problems arise when you finally get home and play the CD. Originally considered a more soulful, better-groomed alternative to Britney Spears, Aguilera killed it with her first two singles, “Genie in a Bottle” and “What a Girl Wants,” a pair of pop confections so perfect in every way that they were the most likely culprits behind Mariah Carey’s mega-meltdown. But this chronological collection reveals the major drawback of working with 1,219 producers on every album, as the singer plunges wildly through various genres with only her big-lunged wail holding things together. From gushingly romantic ballads (“I Turn to You”) and soft porn rave-ups (“Come on Over”) to an inexplicable traipse into Andrews Sisters territory (“Candyman”), you hardly get the sense of any sort of artistic vision behind Aguilera beyond making everyone involved really rich. Despite occasional “Total Request Live”-sanctioned gems such as “Dirrty” and “Beautiful,” the set serves only to highlight the singer’s total lack of quality control. And as far as the new material goes, the only things you need to know are: 1) One of the tunes includes the line “Some days I’m a super bitch” and 2) There’s something called “Genie 2.0.”


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