Review: Dido, ‘Safe Trip Home’

Dido, ‘Safe Trip Home’: Aidin Vaziri | Because record companies no longer send out advance albums because they’re convinced that all music critics moonlight as pirates with CD pressing plants in their backyards, we attempted to download the new Dido album from several rogue Web sites based in Russia, only to wind up with a desktop full of naughty videos (thanks for that!) and nasty viruses (not so much!). Then we realized that, because it’s Dido, we didn’t really have to listen to anything but just go to a park, find a snail and watch it slime around the grass for 45 minutes. The verdict? It was quite nice. Then we heard the first single on YouTube and it confirmed that we were totally right. Expect more reviews based on that methodology in the future. Arrrr, matey!


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