Review: Britney Spears, ‘Circus’

Britney Spears, ‘Circus’: Aidin Vaziri | The worst possible thing ever has happened. Britney Spears has become self-aware. “All eyes on me/ In the center of the ring/ Just like a circus,” the uncharacteristically lucid pop juggernaut sings on the title track of her seventh album. She then spends the rest of the record banging on about her terrible taste in men (“Mmm Papi”), the year she spent out of her head (“Blur”) and how she has suddenly remembered she has children (“My Baby”). With a gaggle of top-shelf producers and songwriters filling out the credits, it’s hard to know exactly how many of these sentiments are truly the singer’s own, but the fundamental effect is the same. Despite some truly banging tunes – “If U Seek Amy,” “Lace and Leather,” “Radar,” etc. – nobody cares about boring old Britney unless she’s blitzed up to the eyeballs and feeling up K-Fed on some seedy hotel balcony. Get it together, girl.


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