Pop Quiz: Oasis

Aidin Vaziri | You may not have noticed, but Oasis returned a few months ago with its first decent album in ages, “Dig Out Your Soul.” After getting burned so many times, it’s understandable that the mouthy British rock band’s fans have thinned out since its mid-’90s heyday. But the Gallagher brothers can still deliver killer quotes and make a nice racket in big venues, which makes them as valuable as ever. We spoke with guitarist Noel Gallagher, 41, shortly after he was attacked onstage in Canada. He couldn’t comment on the incident but was happy to talk about the reception that the new album is getting.

Noel Gallagher of Oasis
Q: Did you read the reviews of “Dig Out Your Soul” or is that something you generally avoid?
A: Oh, no, I don’t avoid them. But by the same rule, I don’t go out of my way to read them all. I’ve seen a few.
Q: They were cautiously optimistic.
A: They’re just the same Oasis reviews to me: “Some songs are good, the s- ones are s-, why are they still f- making music?”
Q: It probably goes back to your third album, “Be Here Now.” Critics gave it such great reviews before realizing that maybe the music wasn’t actually all that great.
A: They’ve never forgiven us for that. I’m quite proud of that. Yeah, so, I’ve read a few. They still do that thing where they slag you off for your lyrics, yet they print the wrong lyrics. It’s like, hang on a minute, you’re printing your f- lyrics, you’re not printing mine. That’s not what it says on the f- song, you doofus. Continue reading.


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