Review: Maroon 5, ‘Call and Response’

Maroon 5, ‘Call and Response’: Aidin Vaziri | What’s this, a secret ploy to convert Maroon 5 fans into V-neck-and-hoodie-wearing hipsters? The cover is a straight knockoff of the Rapture’s disco-punk classic “Echoes.” Or is it a more sinister attempt at converting nascent indie-rock bloggers into slap-bass funk-pop aficionados? Either way, you have to admire the innovation behind an album that offers up-to-the-minute, no-expense-spared remixes of some of the Los Angeles band’s biggest hits. The Roots’ drummer, Questlove, gives “Sunday Morning” a lush ’70s soul spin; Pharrell Williams turns “She Will Be Loved” into the android love ballad it’s always wanted to be; and Bay Area feedback merchant Deerhoof applies a surprisingly delicate touch to “Goodnight Goodnight.” With additional contributors covering everything from techno (Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold) to hip-hop (Just Blaze, David Banner) and all points in between (Of Montreal, Cut Copy), Adam Levine’s (left) high-pitched voice and the group’s knockout melodies serve as the only common threads. Taken as a whole, it’s a pretty uneven listening experience, but break it up and “Call and Response” is brilliant download fodder, nowhere more so than on Mark Ronson’s horn-drenched rewrite of “Wake Up Call,” which you’ll be lucky to escape during the next few months.


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