Pop Quiz: Death Cab For Cutie

Aidin Vaziri | Having scored its first No. 1 album, campaigned for Barack Obama and survived its current tour despite scorpion attacks, Death Cab for Cutie will have plenty to celebrate when it reaches Live 105’s Not So Silent Night concert on Thursday at Oakland’s Oracle Arena. The Grammy-nominated Seattle indie-rock band will play in support of its most recent release, “Narrow Stairs,” alongside the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Jack’s Mannequin and Bloc Party. We caught up with Death Cab’s guitarist, Chris Walla, by phone from a tour stop in Germany.

Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie
Q: Your singer, Ben Gibbard, was stung twice by a scorpion backstage in San Diego. Are you worried that there are going to be more scorpion incidents before you get to the Bay Area?
A: No, I very much doubt it.
Q: You weren’t exactly expecting it the last time. How can you be sure?
A: No, that’s true. It was a surprise, particularly since we hadn’t been anywhere in the desert in months, so I don’t know how that happened.
Q: Do you think the little guy was riding with you?
A: I think he was. I think he was a stowaway in our wardrobe case.
Q: If only you were more like Madonna and had 800 wardrobe cases, then the odds of getting stung by a scorpion would have been so much lower.
A: I think that’s true. Well, in a long list of “if we were more like Madonna” scenarios, that’s definitely one of them. There’s a whole list of things that would be happening to us if we were more like Madonna.
Q: Could we go through that list? Continue reading.

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