Pop Quiz: John Doe of X

Aidin Vaziri | When you think of Christmas, you don’t usually think of Los Angeles punk icons X. That is, unless you spell it Xmas. Anyway, the original lineup, featuring singer Exene Cervenka, bassist John Doe, guitarist Billy Zoom and D.J. Bonebrake – together more or less since 1977 – is playing Friday and Saturday at Slim’s. Christmas might technically be over by then, but that’s not going to stop the band from rocking out to a bunch of holiday standards, along with college radio staples such as “Los Angeles,” “Burning House of Love” and the totally seasonally inappropriate “4th of July.” Doe spoke with us from a tour stop in Eugene, Ore.

John Doe of X
Q: How far are you going with the whole Christmas thing?
A: We have worked up a couple of Christmas songs in a sort of X fashion. They’re a little faster, a little louder. We’re also working on some new songs. I don’t think Billy Zoom is going to dress as Santa, but we’re working on that.
Q: Why don’t you dress up like Santa?
A: No.
Q: Come on.
A: No.
Q: You’re the one with all the acting experience.
A: Well, maybe so. However, Billy is just much more Santa-like. We’re typecasting. Billy Zoom. Santa Claus. It’s like the same number of letters in each name. Wait a minute, that’s not right.
Q: Are you just trying to say Billy Zoom is fat? Continue reading.


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