Review: Justice, ‘A Cross The Universe’

Justice, ‘A Cross The Universe’: Aidin Vaziri | Live techno albums rarely make sense. Considering that most of the music came out of a laptop in the first place, the experience is most definitely lost without getting off your head in a club as strobe lights blind your eyes, half-naked people fall on you and the sound of the bass bludgeons your ears. But on this riotous concert recording from San Francisco – which comes packaged with a seedy American tour documentary – Paris’ most famous Christian electronic music duo (Gaspard Augé, left, and Xavier de Rosnay) convincingly gives new life to the songs from its breakthrough album, “Cross.” Using the white noise of the audience as just another element in its ominous dance music cacophony, the duo’s songs, such as “DVNO” and “Tthhee Ppaarrttyy,” sound even more intense than they did the first time around.

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