Review: The Flaming Lips, ‘Christmas on Mars’

The Flaming Lips, ‘Christmas on Mars’: Aidin Vaziri | Seven years in the making, the Flaming Lips’ low-budget sci-fi flick “Christmas on Mars” was shot in singer Wayne Coyne’s backyard using a cast of friends, lots of refashioned household appliances and very little color. Frankly, it’s awful. The soundtrack, on the other hand, has more to offer. Consisting of droning, bleeping instrumental scores with swelling strings and telling titles such as “Space Bible With Volume Lumps,” “In Excelsior Vaginalistic” and “The Gleaming Armament of Marching Genitalia” – no, really – it finds the Oklahoma psychedelic rock troupe operating at its looped-out best. There are too many flushes of self-indulgence to make the album truly necessary, but in the instances when things take flight, it makes for some of the most unreal lullaby music imaginable. The deluxe edition even comes with its own popcorn.


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