Pop Quiz: The Greatest Hits 2008

Aidin Vaziri | Here’s a look back at some of our favorite conversations from the past year:

The Greatest Hits 2008
: Is “I Kissed a Girl” based on a real experience?
A: All of my songs are kind of like chapters from my brutally honest diary of my life. With that song, I was reading a magazine and opened it up to a picture of either Scarlett Johansson or Megan Fox, and I turned to my boyfriend and said, “You know, if they walked through the door and asked me to pucker up, I would just do it.”

: Why do you like touching your butt so much?
A: Just making sure it’s still there.

: Do you know how I can get a copy of your mug shot?
A: Boy, did that scare the hell out of me. I quit drinking, I can tell you that.
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