Review: Franz Ferdinand, ‘Tonight’

Franz Ferdinand, ‘Tonight’: Aidin Vaziri | Their previous album was such a disappointment that the members of Franz Ferdinand had no choice but to get it right this time. Nearly four years in the making, the skinny-tied Glaswegians’ third release doesn’t quite recapture the manic energy of early singles such as “Take Me Out” and “Matinee,” but it tries really hard, once again ramping up the scratchy punk guitars, elastic disco grooves and brash hedonism. But now it all comes with an added layer of weirdness. “Come on, let’s get high,” Alex Kapranos sings over the new-wave squall of the opening track, “Ulysses,” ushering in a set that gleefully celebrates backstage life through a thick layer of haze on songs such as the insanely catchy “Twilight Omens,” knotty “Lucid Dreams” and downright surreal “Can’t Stop Feeling.”


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