Pop Quiz: Sandra Bernhard

Aidin Vaziri | How is Sandra Bernhard celebrating the 20th anniversary of her breakthrough off-Broadway show, “Without You I’m Nothing”? The mouthy 53-year-old singer, comedian and all-around agitator is bringing back the whole show and taking it around the country, with two San Francisco performances Friday and Saturday at Herbst Theatre. Having once again made headlines during the most heated days of the latest presidential campaign, Bernhard is drawing the same kind of controversy that sparked the start of her long-running career, which has included stops on “Roseanne” and “The L Word” and quite possibly in Madonna’s bedroom. Calling from her New York home, Bernhard tells us about how it all began.

Sandra Bernhard
Q: Has it all been downhill ever since “Without You I’m Nothing”?
A: No, au contraire. Everything has gotten better and better. My performances have gotten better. I feel like I’ve come so far.
Q: It was probably a lot easier for you to walk down the street back then.
A: Well, people were just getting to know me. But it’s always wonderful when people come up to you, especially in New York, where everyone is so stylish and sophisticated. I don’t mind it at all. Continue reading.


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