Live Review: Katy Perry at The Fillmore

Pop phenom Katy Perry rocks the Fillmore: Aidin Vaziri | Even on a stage crowded with enormous pieces of inflatable fruit, a giant cat’s head and svelte young musicians wearing illuminated white suits, it was impossible not to notice Katy Perry make an entrance at the Fillmore on Wednesday. Bounding out to Queen’s “Killer Queen” with a new black bob and spangled burlesque top, the 24-year-old pop phenom made the sold-out crowd let out a collective gasp. A scientifically engineered cross between Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese, her pin-up looks were matched only by her wild exuberance as the band fired up the irresistible new-wave riffs of “Fingertips” and Perry started doing crazy jumping jacks. She is best known for “I Kissed a Girl,” a hit that topped the charts in 20 countries last year and makes MySpace a more exciting place every day. Perry’s fans came to the concert brandishing homemade T-shirts celebrating the song’s message of sexual experimentation and posed for tongue-touching photographs in front of the stage, furiously uploading the images during the ballads. Continue reading.


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