Pop Quiz: NOFX

Aidin Vaziri | To celebrate 25 years of making independent music, playing dive bars around the globe and railing against the establishment, San Francisco punk band NOFX is playing a bunch of shows around the city this week: Tuesday at Slim’s, Wednesday at Great American Music Hall, Friday at the Fillmore, Saturday at Thee Parkside and next Sunday at Slim’s. If that’s not enough, the group also plans to release its Fuse TV series documenting its last world tour, “Backstage Passport,” on DVD next month. We spoke to front man and bassist “Fat Mike” Burkett from his San Francisco home.

‘Fat Mike’ of NOFX
Q: Why are you playing every venue in the city?
A: Well, there are certainly ones we’re not. Last time we played, we played four nights in the same club and it just gets kind of boring and weird. It’s like some “Groundhog Day” movie. So doing it this way is just more fun. All the shows sold out in advance, and the clubs are happy to have us because they make a killing at the bar, too.
Q: Did you consider throwing in a free show at the Dumpster behind Safeway for the people who didn’t get tickets?
A: Well, you know, the shows didn’t sell out instantly. They were on sale for months. So we’re not going to play a show for lazy people. We did enough free shows on the world tour. Continue reading.


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