25 Random Things About Celine Dion

Aidin Vaziri | As Celine Dion prepares to return to the Bay Area for a Friday concert in San Jose, we take inspiration from the “25 Random Things About Me” lists that are exploding across Facebook and offer some little-known facts about Canada’s favorite goblet-shattering pop juggernaut.

1. Everything changed on March 30, 1968. That’s the day Celine Dion was born, the youngest of 14 children in Charlemagne, Quebec, a small town outside of Montreal.
2. Her first word was most likely “Heaaaaaaaaaaart!”
3. Named after the song “Céline,” which was released by French singer Hugues Aufray two years before she was born, Dion clearly had no choice but to become a singer herself.
4. Her family owned a piano bar called Le Vieux Baril, where Dion and her siblings would regularly perform.
5. Sadly, the family never formed a band called the Dion 14.
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