Sara Bareilles: Little Voice, Big Time

Aidin Vaziri | Sara Bareilles just had a moment with Bono. At least she thinks she did. It’s the week after the Grammy Awards and the 29-year-old singer-songwriter is fairly certain she caught the U2 front man’s eye as his band took the stage to open the ceremony. “I jumped to my feet because that’s what I would normally do when I’m at a concert and nobody else stood up,” she says. “I felt stupid for a second, but why wouldn’t you stand up for U2?” Bareilles would have been hard to miss anyway, even among a sea of famous faces. Seated in the seventh row at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, where her ubiquitous hit “Love Song” was up for song of the year and best female pop vocal performance, she was wearing a fluffy Luisa Beccaria bubble gum dress with bright red belt and matching lipstick. She thinks Bono tried to throw his sunglasses her way but missed. “Of course,” she says, “I could be totally making this up.” Continue reading.


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