Pop Quiz: Antony and the Johnsons

Aidin Vaziri | To listen to “The Crying Light,” the aching and desolate new album by Antony and the Johnsons, you would never guess that the group’s otherworldly 37-year-old singer and namesake Antony Hegarty grew up in thrall of pop peacocks such as Boy George and Marc Almond. He still has a soft spot for the Top 40, though, as evidenced by his recent jaunt through Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love.” Hegarty, whose band plays Tuesday at Nob Hill Masonic Center as part of Noise Pop 2009, also tells us about singing onstage with Björk, calling out Sean Penn, and his yen to serenade the president.

Antony Hegarty
Q: Are you bringing the wedding dress you wore at the Apollo concert last year on tour?
A: It wasn’t really a wedding dress. It was a cloak my friend made for me that was festive and over the top. I was just trying it out.
Q: It looked great when you sang “Crazy in Love.” Would you ever do a Beyoncé tribute album?
A: That would be fun to do. She kills me. Her lyrics are genius, and she’s such an amazing singer. I listened to that song 10 trillion times the summer it came out. She sings the s- out of her songs. That’s the trouble. What are you going to bring to it that’s not already there? The only reason “Crazy in Love” worked for me was because it wasn’t a ballad and that transformation made it something else.Continue reading.


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