Pop Quiz: Tina Dico

Aidin Vaziri | Tina Dico is a pop star in her native Denmark, where teenagers pack festival fields to sing along with her clear-eyed rock songs. Here, she’s still a cult phenomenon, best known as an occasional vocalist with Zero 7. If a recent move to New York doesn’t help the singer-songwriter make a bigger impression on America, then her beautifully packaged new triple EP set, “A Beginning, a Detour, an Open Ending,” should do the trick.

Tina Dico
Q: Have you ever partied with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, since you are the only two Danish musicians I know?
A: I have not. The keyboard player in my Danish band is related to him, so he always sees him at family functions.
Q: That’s funny. I always see him at Oasis shows.
A: Really? Now I have something to talk to him about. I can tell him Oasis stories.
Q: Why, do you have some good ones?
A: No, but I can make some up. Continue reading.


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