Bay Area band update: Whatever happened to …

Aidin Vaziri | Last month, we got word that Faith No More is reuniting for a European tour this summer. But what about the other major Bay Area rock acts from the ’90s that somehow slipped off the radar? We tracked them down at the arenas and county fairs to get status updates.

Counting Crows
Led by faux-dreadlocked crooner Adam Duritz, this Berkeley roots rock group went multiplatinum with its 1993 debut, “August and Everything After,” which featured the wistful single “Mr. Jones.” Even though album sales dipped, the hits kept coming, up to 2004’s Oscar-nominated “Accidentally in Love” from the film “Shrek 2.” The band is on a world tour playing stadiums and arenas.

Third Eye Blind
Stephan Jenkins’ group was opening for the likes of U2 and the Rolling Stones just months after releasing “Semi-Charmed Life,” the doot-doot-dooing hit from its self-titled 1997 debut. But band defections, unplanned time off and a collapsed record company quickly changed Third Eye Blind’s fortunes. Missing in action since 2003’s “Out of the Vein,” Jenkins recently reported on the band’s Web site that a new lineup was working on a much-delayed fourth album, “Ursa Major,” with plans to reignite industry interest at South by Southwest. Continue reading.


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