Pop Quiz: Petula Clark

Aidin Vaziri | Petula Clark, 76, set swinging London into motion with hits such as “Downtown” and “Don’t Sleep in the Subway.” With more than five decades of musical experience on her resume and 70 million albums sold worldwide, she’s still going strong, having divided recent years between solo performances and Broadway and West End productions such as “Blood Brothers,” “The Sound of Music” and “Someone Like You.” Most recently she appeared as Norma Desmond in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s adaptation of “Sunset Boulevard.”

Petula Clark
Q: What’s on your iPod that would surprise most people?
A: On my iPod? I don’t possess an iPod. I’ve got music going on in my head all the time; I don’t need something stuck in my ear. I like silence, too. A lot of people these days are afraid of silence, but I live in Geneva and we have a chalet up in the French Alps and I spent three days up there before leaving for this tour. I hardly spoke to anyone. Real silence. It does your soul good.
Q: John Lennon used to say that you were his favorite singer.
A: Yes, he did. I met him in Montreal when he was doing the bed-in. I just happened to pop in because I wanted to talk to him about something, and there they were in bed. He was adorable. There were all these people in there, and of course they were filming and recording. So I’m actually on that record, “Give Peace a Chance.” We met a few times after that, and he always told me how much he enjoyed my singing. Continue reading.


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